Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Filter Kaapi - a companion since my childhood

Great Day starts with Great Coffee!!!

Coffee has been my best companion any day since my childhood. Growing up in a typical Tamil - Brahmin Household, Coffee was the suprabhatham (chants to wake up lord vishnu) for us folks to wake up and start our day. I still remember the day my paati (grand mother) gave me a sip to taste this delicious brew. The mildly sweet bitterness and that  heavenly aroma that escapes from the small pithalai dabara tumbler (cup and tumbler made of brass), yes that is how we drink!! whoa!!! memories still afresh!!! 

When it is my coffee time I put up a DO NOT DISTURB Board!! Yes, MY coffee time is just me and myself only. I always drink coffee when everyone else is still asleep. So that no talking happens. It is just pure silence and bliss!! I even have to sit n a particular corner of my sofa or a corner of my living room. Some cosy feeling that I get from corners!! 

Not only that I also have the habit of reading newspaper or any book when I drink coffee. This habit is something that I got from my appa (father). 

Filter Kaapi (South Indian Style) is my favourite. I like my coffee strong, bitter!! Less sugar is fine, but no sugar is super awesome. I even make it a point that if I'm visiting my relatives home, I tell them first hand that I want my coffee sugarless!! I have even got some surprise reactions for this. 

I like a particular brand of coffee powder. Satya Coffee. It is famous in Chennai and enormously expensive. But, I end up buying the same powder all the time. I bring quite a few kilos of coffee powder from Chennai so that I can enjoy my cup!!

Some of my friends ask me how do we make filter coffee. So this is a post pending since a very long time!!! 

Also, my fellow blogger friend Dolphia posted a question on FB asking about our coffee fetish, and there I said I'll post a post in my blog too!!!

So how do we make this heavenly brew!!?? 

Let us see....

Makes: about 1/2 cup of decoction
Serves - 3
Prep time: 5 minutes

What would you need:
  1. Filter Coffee Powder - 4 heaped tsp (You could buy bru green label or any other brand)
  2. Boiling hot water -  about a cup or more (depends on the size of the filter)
  3. Coffee Filter
How to go about it:
  1. Assemble your coffee filter. This is how it will look and this is how you should assemble it.

     2. Add the coffee powder and slightly press it down. You get an attachment to press the same. 
         I lost it, I use my hand for the same.

     3. Now, add boiling hot water upto the neck of the filter and close it with the lid.
         Let it sit until all of the water has percolated through the powder and you get a dark decoction.

      4. To make coffee, add the decoction up to quarter of the cup or according to your choice.
          Add sugar. Now add hot milk and mix. There your steaming cup of filter kaapi is ready.

Njoy with some spicy accompaniments!!!