Thursday, June 11, 2015

Homemade Frozen Chapathi

Chapathis are my favorite next to rice (I'm a Southie!!). Though I can't survive without rice, but certain days I just love the fresh soft hot chapathis with a dollop of ghee paired with just pickle and curd. 

I'm now a home maker and a full time mother. So you must be wondering why do I need to do this?? Sometimes, my bratty is so so attention seeking that making a simple meal would be a herculean task. Such days these are my savior. I've never liked the frozen parathas or kulchas. Never these can match a chapathi. So this made me experiment with my atta dough and tadaa!!! Eureka moment!!!

I've made a pictorial presentation of the same.... So lets begin....

The dough for this recipe is nothing special. Like how you make your chapathi dough, make it the same way. 

How to go about it:

1. Roll out the chapathi from the dough.

2. Heat a griddle and place the rolled out dough and cook on both sides until you see it puffing up a little with little brown spots.

3. Now, take the half cooked chapathi and place it on a tray. I've shown just one chapathi in this picture. You can arrange 4 to 5 based on the size. The chapathis need to arranged in such a way that they have space between each other. You are not supposed to lay them one on the other.

4. Now, place this tray with the arranged chapathi in the freezer for exactly 30 minutes. This method or technique is called as "Flash Freezing", where you freeze the eatable to crystallize the nutrients in it and to prolong the shelf life of the eatable.

5. After flash freezing the half cooked chapathi, take the tray out and arrange the chapathis one on top the other, by placing a butter paper inbetween each chapathi. This way when you take them out the next time, they will come off easily without sticking to one another.

6. Once you are done with arranging them, place the entire package in a clean and dry zip lock bag, lock it and write the date on the pack. Throw it in the freezer and use it when ever you want to.

Points to remember:
  1. Once you take them to make, you need not thaw them. 
  2. Directly place the frozen chapathi on the hot griddle. Cook them on both sides futher and apply ghee or oil.
  3. They may not puff up well but remain fresh and soft. 
  4. You can freeze these chapathis for 2 - 3 months. 

Njoy with your luved ones..