Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chilli Chocolate Mousse

Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolates
                                                                                    - John Milton

Mousse - a soft, silky, sweet and a wonderful dessert. Chocolate has always been my favourite with any dessert. 

The first time I had this wonderful dessert was in my friend's pot luck birthday party. My friend Ranjani made this awesome dessert and filled them in Edible Chocolate Cups. The crunch of the cup with the silkiness of that mousse was just too much to describe.

Ever since I had that mousse, I wanted to make it. But I'm just in two minds all the time with trying a mousse. All I think about is how will it turn out?? will it set?? a thousand questions arise on my mind.

But this time I made up my mind and made this super awesome dessert. 

You might be thinking how on earth will chocolate and chilli go together?? But do not worry, it definitely is a marriage made in heaven. The sweetness is not overtly powering and the chilli just hits you back on the throat. So it was an amazing combination. 

Now lets get on with the recipe...

What would you need:
  1. Dark Chocolate Compound - 260 grams (chopped)
  2. Eggs - 5 (separated)
  3. Sugar - 40 grams (powdered)
  4. Whipping cream - 200 ml 
  5. Red Chilli Powder - 1 tsp
How to go about it:
  1. First, separate the eggs. Yolks and the whites in different bowls. The bowl you would be adding the yolks should be clean and dry.
  2. Now, chop the dark chocolate compound and melt it by double boiling method.
  3. Add a little of the melted chocolate to the yolks and beat it nicely. This will warm the yolks a bit. Keep aside.
  4. Now whip the cream to ribbon consistency, When the cream falls, it falls like ribbons. Keep this aside.
  5. Add the chilli powder to the melted chocolate and mix. 
  6. Now, start whipping the egg white and the sugar. beat it initially in slower speed and increase the speed gradually. You should get stiff white peaks. Touch and feel if the yolks are still grainy with the sugar. If you feel its grainy, then beat a little bit for about 2 minutes.
  7. Now, add the warm yolks to the melted chocolate and mix. You will immediately see the chocolate turning lumpy. Do not worry. 
  8. Once, you have added the yolks, add the whipped cream and mix slowly with a hand beater, until all of the chocolate cream is mixed well and becomes homogeneous.
  9. Finally, fold the whipped egg whites to the chocolate cream mixture very mildly. We do not want to break the air incorporated in the mousse. 
  10. The mixture will look like a dosa batter. Pour into serving glasses and refrigerate for 2 hours or more.
Njoy with your luved ones..