Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to my world....

I am not new to this blogging world. But now I am going to try my hand in doing this foodie blog. Going to post a lot of recipes that I tried and enjoyed making.

I love cooking and trying out new recipes. And baking is one of my favorite pass time, that I njoy to the core.

My previous blog, though I could not keep up with the discipline of writing often, now I am going to at least give it a do it. This is my first post, sitting in my work place

My inspirations are a lot of bloggers and a few cook books and not to mention the most favorite of them all is Nigella Lawson. Wow!! how passionate she is about cooking.....The way she cooks and explains about the recipe itself makes my mouth water. I love watching her shows.

My inspiration, was of course Nigella and a few bloggers like Deeba, Aparna, Latha Aunty and Meena akka.

And now, I am here too.....

Wait for my first post......till Sunday... 1 April.... I'am not fooling you though!!!

Bubbye till then